June   Bunch


Art Feature: Creative Pinellas - 10/10/23 - "June Bunch’s Twin Passions" 

"June is JOY. June's unique and stunning voice is held softly but firmly by the bass created with her ukulele. Her grace and ease onstage keeps the whole room in the palm of her hand, as she weaves songs, and stories, and laughter."

-Taylor Vidic (The Crystal Saloon)

"Her energy onstage is like the sun shining through clouds on a chilly day. You feel warm and happy when it's on you, and miss it when it's gone." 

- Alysha Clark (Blue Banner Radio)

"Nobody writes lyrics like June Bunch. Her lyrics ride the line between accessible and cryptic really well. They give a lot of room for interpretation while still being very grounded in reality." 

-Bryan Osorio (Happy Napcidents) 

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