Botanical Illustrations of June Bunch

As a naturalist, I study plants’  features. Each plant grows with a unique choreography, and I aim to illuminate that dance. My visual art is rooted in botany and ballet, featuring postures which pause movement and hold emotional richness. This artwork showcases the play of feminine nature and flora in a bold, empowering way.

Meet my series If Mother Nature Could Dance, a showcase of plant and human nature combined.

These designs are all available in archival matte giclee prints, t-shirts, journals and throw pillows on  Etsy.

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Instagram: @onefruitforward

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I long worked at an exotic food forest and plant nursery called Sow Exotic. While staying on their land, I would wake up and harvest my breakfast from the ripe plants, picking up a love for nature in a way I'd never known beforehand. These are little profiles of my favorite plants. :)