A r t i s t    B i o 

With a full-tank of vocal octaves and a force of musical-gravity, 

June Bunch made her way across America with a songbook to write.  A St. Petersburg FL native, she began her songwriting career as a rambling street performer in Asheville, NC. 

With her ukulele in tow,  the alternative folk player could be found belting folk ukulele tunes throughout her many home towns:

Asheville and Bryson City, NC
West Yellowstone, MT
Portland, OR
Taos, NM
Moab, UT
Maui, HI
Juneau, AK
Lakeland, St. Petersburg and Tampa, FL

These days, you'll find June Bunch conjuring sincerity with electrifying octaves and hard-hitting lyrics on the St. Petersburg stage once more. She charms crowds with her extensive vocal range, her endless dad jokes,  and her inclusive connection with the crowd. 

June Bunch has performed in multiple bands, including:
Clouds of Reason
Hot Grandpa
Hummingbird Elephant
The Sofas ...and more

 Asheville: Co-Founder of Pop-Up Music Co-Op
Annie Frazier and June match musicians into short-term music collaborations and pour new material into local Asheville venues. Participants perform their set with borrowed bandmates and receive new bandmate assignments for every show.